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Well, I have a ton of OCs now, so I figured why not show them all off? ^^ This is an accounting of my OCs! Feel free to draw any of them if you like,
just make sure to credit myself (and the original creator too, if you like!). So, take a look...

First up we have one you all should know by now. I only spam the art feeds with commissions of him all the time. Designed by :iconjaegerpony: JaegerPony we have...

My main OC Jaeger Sylva:
Sita Duncan - Jaeger Sylva by JaegerPonyDennybutt - Jaeger Pony (Large) by JaegerPonysilent-umbra - Jaeger YCH by JaegerPony

ThePinkShark - Jaeger Shark Pony by JaegerPonyOddend - YCH Weapon  Shield by JaegerPonyEmR0304 - Rainbow Power Joy by JaegerPony

Next up we have my Pegasai OC, also created by :iconjaegerpony: JaegerPony...

Raven Skies:

MrMaclicious95 - Raven Earth Pony by JaegerPonyMilkidolu - Raven Skies by JaegerPonyEmR0304 - Scanning the Ground by JaegerPonyTaylortheSnailor - Raven Skies by JaegerPony

Jaeger's OC sister, created by :iconro-z-po-z: Ro-Z-Po-Z...

Vale Sylva:

Ro-Z-Po-Z - Vale Sylva by JaegerPonyPrincess Mikotsu - Vale Sylva by JaegerPonyKana-The-Drifter - Afternoon With Friends by JaegerPony

Their friend, and Vale's boyfriend, as seen above, created by :iconoosolareclipseoo: oOSolarEclipseOo...

Sorrel Swoop:

oOSolarEclipseOo - Sorrel Swoop by JaegerPonyCrutonArt - Just a Shortcut by JaegerPonyOddend - Wings of a Fire by JaegerPony

Their friend, the pluma draconis, created by :iconx-short-hilt-x: x-Short-Hilt-x


x-Short-Hilt-x - Grit by JaegerPonyPrincess Mikotsu - Grit by JaegerPonyBubble Lee - Always Thinking by JaegerPonyCrashSpyro98 - Mighty Grit by JaegerPony

The town Lifeguard, created by :iconfrostykat13: frostykat13...

Tidal Wave:

frostykat13 - Tidal Wave by JaegerPonyMrMaclicious95 - Tidal Wave by JaegerPonyMac-Does-Art - Tidal Wave by JaegerPonySpotted-Puppy  - Tidal Head Shot by JaegerPony

Her girlfriend, and long distance runner, created by :iconkaji-tanii: Kaji-Tanii...

Autumn Aura:

Kajitanii - Autumn Aura by JaegerPonyOddend - Running of the Leaves by JaegerPonyOddend - Take a Nap with Me by JaegerPonyaosion - Tidal and Autumn by JaegerPony

Autumn's little sister, designed by :iconmeowbots: meowbots...

Summer Brisk:

Sparkle-Bliss - Summer Brisk by JaegerPonyRicePoison - Friendly Follower (Flat) by JaegerPonyJayivee - Autumn, Summer and Tidal by JaegerPony

The ski bunny pony from Canterlot created by :iconkaji-tanii: Kaji-Tanii...

Snow Slide:

Kajitanii - Snow Slide Adoptable by JaegerPonygummigator - Jaeger and Snow by JaegerPonytina2sweet - Snow Slide by JaegerPonyMrMaclicious95 - Snow Slide by JaegerPony

The DJ pony, and all around troublemaker:...

Destiny Resonance (Created by :iconrainbowscreen: RainbowScreen)

Rainbowscreen - Destiny Resonance by JaegerPonyFuyusFox - Destiny Resonance by JaegerPonyToastyToastie - CM - Destiny Resonance by JaegerPonyLeft2Fail - Destiny Resonance by JaegerPony

The four French ponies...

The director Lumiêre du Ciel (Created by :iconpurple-spor: Purple-Spor ) :

Purple-Spor - Lumiere du Ciel by JaegerPonyXNightMelody - Lumiere du Ciel - Action by JaegerPonyOddend - YCH Warm Sweater by JaegerPony Mac-Does-Art - Lumiere du Ciel Smiling by JaegerPony

The reckless, talkative Claret Zephyr (Created by :icontulipsadopts-4u: TulipsAdopts-4U ) :

DreamRosePonyArt - Claret Zephyr by JaegerPonySweetKorruption -  Claret and Lumiere by JaegerPonyLibidon - Claret Zephyr Reference Sheet by JaegerPony

The stalwart mountaineer Terre Glacee (Created by :iconivanilla: iVanilla ) :

iVanilla - Terre Glacee by JaegerPonyMac-Does-Art - Terre Glacee by JaegerPonyPrincess  Mikotsu - Terre Glacee by JaegerPonyLazymuchlax - Terre Glacee by JaegerPony

The sultry and flirtatious Peach Rêve (Created by :iconkaji-tanii: Kaji-Tanii ) :

Kajitanii - Peach Reve by JaegerPonyLazymuchlax - Peachy by JaegerPonyPrincess Mikotsu - Peach Reve by JaegerPonyTheRainbowNinjaPony - Peach Reve by JaegerPony

The Main Fourteen:
(Picture by :iconro-z-po-z: Ro-Z-Po-Z)

Ro-Z Po-Z - Jaeger  Crew by JaegerPony

The Pegasai twins (Created by :iconoosolareclipseoo: oOSolarEclipseOo ) :

Heavenly Dusk:

oOSolarEclipseOo - Heavenly Dusk by JaegerPonyPrincessMikotsu - Heavenly Dusk by JaegerPonyTaylortheSnailor - Heavenly Reference Sheet by JaegerPony

Nimbus Dusk:

oOSolarEclipseOo - Nimbus Dusk by JaegerPonyPrincess Mikotsu - Nimbus Dusk by JaegerPonyTaylor the Snailor  - Nimbus Dusk by JaegerPony

Group Shots:

quila111- Nimbus and Heavenly by JaegerPonyNightfang3000 - Nimbus and Heavenly by JaegerPony

The three flames (Created by :iconoosolareclipseoo: oOSolarEclipseOo )...

Ruby Skye:
Oddend - Flat Side View by JaegerPonyShellShocked - Ruby Skye by JaegerPonygalaxygazette - Ruby Skye by JaegerPonyMOONLIGHTS - Ruby Skye by JaegerPony

Mistral Pyre: (Created by :ooiconsolareclipseoo: oOSolarEclipseOo)
Sparkle-Bliss - Mistral Pyre by JaegerPonyNolyCS - Mistral Pyre by JaegerPonyFuyusFox - Mistral Pyre by JaegerPonygalaxygazette - Mistral Pyre by JaegerPony

Mercurial Pyre: (Created by :iconoosolareclipseoo: :oodevsolareclipseoo:)

galaxygazette - Mercurial Pyre by JaegerPonyDeer in Headlights by JaegerPonyMissiTofu - Mercurial Pyre by JaegerPony

The two ponies of water...

Ocean Breeze (Created by :iconx3mmidotx: x3mmidotx ) :

x3mmidotx - Ocean Breeze by JaegerPonyAryaTheWolfCat - Ocean Breeze by JaegerPonyRo-Z Po-Z - Ocean Breeze Reference Sheet by JaegerPony

Frozen Kisses (Created by :iconyuukipink: yuukipink ) :

FurBitch - Frozen Kisses by JaegerPonyDayDreamSyndrom - Frozen Kisses by JaegerPonyBlitzkatze - Frozen Kisses Reference Sheet by JaegerPony

The empress (created by :iconoosolareclipseoo: oOSolarEclipseOo ) :

Empyrean Plainsong:

oOSolarEclipseOo - Empyrean Plainsong by JaegerPonyoOSolarEclipseOo - Empyrean Plainsong Sketch by JaegerPonyMelodySArtist - Empyrean Plainsong Pointy by JaegerPony

The eternal enemy (Created by :icondead-derpyson-hooves: Dead-Derpyson-Hooves ) :

Keisarinna Tera:

W-a-r-Opfor - Keisarinnaterien by JaegerPonyPrincessMikotsu - Keisarinnaterien by JaegerPony

The food ponies:

Darling Eclair (Created by :icondaydreamsyndrom: DayDreamSyndrom)

DayDreamSyndrom - Darling Eclair by JaegerPonyDayDreamSynrom - Darling Eclair Cutie Mark by JaegerPonyMissitofu - Darling Eclair by JaegerPony

Maple Spirit (Created by :icondaydreamsyndrom: DayDreamSyndrom)

DayDreamSyndrome - Maple Spirit Stereo by JaegerPonyDayDreamSyndrome - Maple Spirit Cutie Mark by JaegerPonyDayDreamSyndrom - Maple Spirit by JaegerPony

The Spa Pony

Gossamer Fleece (Created by :icondigitalzirconium: DigitalZirconium)

Cookie-Mun - Gossamer Fleece by JaegerPonyGayHorseMemes - Gossamer Fleece by JaegerPonyP0TAT0QUEEN - Gossamer Fleece by JaegerPony

The Sisters:

Biscuit & Chestnut Stash (Created by :iconinvisible-11 :devinvisible-11 & :iconwendigo-666: WEndigo-666 respectively.)

Invisible-11 - Biscuit Stash by JaegerPonyGayHorseMemes - Biscuit Stash by JaegerPonyGayHorseMemes - Chestnut Head Shot by JaegerPonyxXSeptemberXx - Chestnut Stash by JaegerPony

The Forest Spirits:

Raina Equinox (Created by :iconinviizzible: INVIIZZIBLE)

Invisible-11 - Raina Equinox by JaegerPonyMissiTofu - Raina Equinox by JaegerPonyquila11 - Raina OH MY GOD by JaegerPony

Shera Lucent (Created by :iconkirionek: kirionek)

Kirionek - Shera Lucent by JaegerPonyGayHorseMemes - Shera Bust by JaegerPonyMissiTofu - Shera Lucent by JaegerPony

The Outcasts

Pythia Chaldean (Created by :iconoosolareclipseoo: oOSolarEclipseOo)

oOSolarEclipseOo - Pythia Chaldean by JaegerPonyBlindCoyote - Pythia Battle Mode by JaegerPonyFreeXShy-ARTist - Pythia Chaldean by JaegerPonyiza990 - Pythia Chaldean by JaegerPony

Galvan Faradic (Created by :iconoosolareclipseoo: oOSolarEclipseOo)

oOSolarEclipseOo - Galvan Faradic by JaegerPonySpitfire-SOS - Pythia Chaldean and Galvan Faradic by JaegerPony

The Miner & the Jeweler

Aurous Affect (Created by :iconruef-bae: Ruef-Bae)

Ruef-Bae - Aurous Affect by JaegerPonyGayHorseMemes - Aurous Affect by JaegerPonyOddends - Aurous Affect by JaegerPony

Prism Silverhorn (Created by :iconkatpocketmonster: KatPocketMonster)

Nintendo-Lover-Kat - Prism Silverhorn by JaegerPonyGayHorseMemes - Prism Silverhorn by JaegerPony

The Trickster & the Illusionist

Cygnus Jazzlick & Pyxis Sortilege (Created by :iconairi-draws-stuff: Airi-draws-stuff)

Airi-Draws-Stuff - Cygnus Jazzlick by JaegerPonyOddends - Cygnus Jazzlick by JaegerPonyGayHorseMemes - Cygnus  Pyxis by JaegerPonyOddends - Pyxis Sortilege by JaegerPonyAiri-Draws-Stuff - Pyxis Sortilege by JaegerPony

The Others
(Awaiting arts for them)

Sorrow Star, Cienna Sangiovese, Strident Vigor & Viridian Splendor
(Created by :icontrinkety: Trinkety, :iconspacewaffie: spacewaffIe, :iconkatpocketmonster: KatPocketMonster & :icon suirenhime: SuirenHime respectively.)

Trinkety - Sorrow Star by JaegerPonyaawkwardwaffle - Cienna Sangiovese by JaegerPonyKatPocketMonster - Strident Vigor by JaegerPonySuirenHime - Viridian Splendor by JaegerPony

Well, wasn't that fun? =) So yeah, those are all of my OCs (I certainly do have a lot of them, don't I?).

Might right some fiction with them eventually, as you can see I've given them all some slight head canon already, lol.

Feel free to follow my lead and show off your OCs similarly if you like... I'd love to see them =)
If you feel like drawing any of my ponies (with each other, with show ponies, with your own OCs), feel free  to ask. =)


(So... many... OCs...)
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Cute :З
Goddammit, your OC is too cute to resist hugging it. Adorableness overload, self-distruct in 5 seconds. Hug to abort sequence.
JaegerPony Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015
D'awwwwww... thanks so much, glad you like him. He's quite special too me. =)
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Not hugged, sequence initiated. *self-distructs*
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Lovely! <3
LoneWisp Featured By Owner Edited Aug 27, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When I get krita
i am totally drawing
every. Single. One. Of your OCs in the same image
plus applejack
and more stuff I throw in

i'll put my embarrassing OC that I still have years later (he wasn't an OC at the time, just a sketch) because your wolf oc looks lonely
JaegerPony Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015
Fweee!!!  =3
LoneWisp Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe ill tell you when i start it
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well that's a lot of OC's
I think they're all pretty cool!!
BelgianWaffleArt Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow that's a lot of OC's. Virtually all of them are super cute, and Gossamer Fleece was especially unique to me! :)
JaegerPony Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015
Glad you like her, I need to  get more art with  her done. =) She's one of my most favourite of the newer acquires. =)
BelgianWaffleArt Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh yes, I'd love to see more of her!
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JaegerPony Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015
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Show off!
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