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Jaeger Facts!

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 7, 2016, 11:55 PM

Seems I've been tagged into a meme yet again! This time by :iconsnowy-arc: Snowy-Arc. Now, they've tagged me into the the character facts meme, as Jaeger. I know that I've done Jaeger before, but that was a long while ago, so I suppose I can go ahead and do it again at this point. So here we go again.


Character Meme


1. Post these rules.
2. Post eight facts about your character.
3. Tag eight other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creator's avatars.


Jaeger Sylva

Kajitanii - Reference Sheet by JaegerPonyChrismie - Reference Sheet by JaegerPonyGummySky - Jaeger Reference Sheet by JaegerPony
(Reference Sheets by Kaji-Tanii, MemeSquid & VioletDanka-n-Silly.)
Oddend - YCH Reference Sheet Jaeger by JaegerPonypridark - Emotions Meme Jaeger by JaegerPony
(Reference Sheet by Oddends. Emotions Meme by pridark.)

1. Jaeger is in general a rather solitary pony, preferring to remain on his own or in very small groups. As such he spends much of his time exploring the wilds of Equestria.

Segraece - Winter Walk by JaegerPony
(Artwork by Segraece.)

2. When he does find himself with a traveling companion, it's most often the mischievous Pluma Dracoris Grit with whom he's developed a close bond.

BlueKazenate - Best Buddies by JaegerPony
(Artwork by BlueKazenate.)

3. Jaeger has one older sister named Vale, who is married to the Pegasus Sorrel Swoop.

CrutonArt - Just a Shortcut by JaegerPony
(Artwork by CrutonArt.)

4. When visiting his sister & brother-in-law he often times finds himself in larger groups than he's generally prepared for, though he's come to terms with it.

Ro-Z Po-Z - Jaeger  Crew by JaegerPony
(Artwork by Ro-Z-Po-Z.)

5. Jaeger is preternaturally resistant to the cold, to the point where he actually prefers cold climates to warm ones.

The Pink Shark - Trotting by JaegerPony
(Artwork by ThePinkShark.)

6. Despite his rather cool, collected and somewhat serene outward appearance, when left on his own Jaeger is quite a melancholic, self-critical & lonely pony. He just refuses to let other ponies know about it.

CartoonOwl - Jaeger by JaegerPony
(Artwork by CartoonOwl.)

7. When he is in town, Jaeger can often be found in the local library brushing up on current literature. He loves to study, and values knowledge and understanding above most everything else (aside from the ponies and other creatures he loves).

DatPonyPl - Jaeger Lunch Time by JaegerPony
(Artwork by DatPonyPL.)

8. Jaeger absolutely loves to sleep outdoors under the light of the stars and Luna's moon. He'd far prefer the comfort of that light to that of any bed.

Left2Fail - JaegerPony at Night by JaegerPony
(Artwork by Left2Fail.)


So there you have it, eight facts about my main OC, Jaeger Sylva (with wonderful illustrations by many of the artists I've commissioned over the years!). I normally don't tag anyone for things like this but I do think I'll do so in this instance. Buck the current trend, so to speak. I tag...

1. :iconrotorix: Rotorix's Thinker.

2. :iconstore2100: store2100's Dogtags.

3. :iconsilvermermira: SilverMerMira's Mira.

4. :iconcloudzapper8: Cloudzapper8's Zappy.

5. :iconimelodyrsb: iMelodyRSB's Melody.

6. :iconpinipy: Pinipy's Rose.

7. :icontailor-stitch: Tailor-Stitch's Tailor.

8. :iconrozanslash: Rozanslash's Rozan.


TGBjerga - Flying Friends by JaegerPony
(Artwork by TGBjerga.)



Skin by Pinipy
store2100 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2016
i swear i am going to do this for Doggy.
problem is  choosing a version of him thats the canon one
JaegerPony Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2016
Most excellent! =)
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